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  • EDAX, Inc.


    Supplier of EDS, EBSD, WDS & micro-XRF systems

  • Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.


    SEM, TEM, & field-emission SEM and TEM

  • JEOL USA, Inc.


    EPMA, Auger, SEM, TEM, NMR, mass spectrometers

  • Oxford Instruments

    Oxford instruments

    Inca EDS, WDS, & EBSD systems for SEM

  • Gatan, Inc.

    Gatan, Inc.

    TEM, EELS, SEM, cathodoluminescence, products and software

  • SPI Supplies / Structure Probe, Inc.

    SPI supplies

    Microscopy and microanalysis supplies and services

  • Ted Pella, Inc.

    Ted Pella

    Microscopy tools and supplies

  • ThermoFisher Scientific


    Microanalysis, EBSD & EDXRF systems, & WDS spectrometers

  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC


    SEM, TEM, HIM, optical, & correlative microscopy

  • Bruker Corporation

    Bruker Corp.

    EDS, EBSD, Mass spectrometer, X-ray, products and software...



  • Ni_welded
  • Ti_in_qtz
  • natroalunite
  • EC10_1495_REECarb
  • emsbo_sr
  • Grt_MB07_08
  • EBSD

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Thanks to our sustaining members!

Contact our corporate liaison if you would you like to support our society!

  • EDAX
  • Hitachi
  • JEOL
  • Oxford
  • Gatan
  • Thermo
  • Zeiss
  • TedPella
  • SPI
  • Bruker